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Taylor | 41

IV Hydration Treatment

Extremely Hydrating! Is the best way to describe it. My skin gets extremely dry during the winter months. After receiving IV hydration therapy packed with antioxidants, I could feel the difference in my skin. I even noticed a new glow on my skin.

Mike | Age 36 | Active workout enthusiast

IV Hydration Treatment

Working out at the gym is literally a part of my everyday life, but let’s face it, somedays I just can’t keep up. Whether it be the added stress from life or I just flat out over-worked myself in the gym, sometimes I just feel so drained and tired. IV Hydration definitely gives me that pick-me-up that I need after a strenuous workout. It makes me feel revived, renewed, and refreshed.

Sandra | Age 29 | Mother of Two

IV Hydration Treatment

“=I’m currently pregnant with my third child. Nausea and vomiting have been a struggle through all three of my pregnancies. Sometimes my symptoms got so bad that home remedies and diet changes just weren’t enough. At one point I’d become so dehydrated and drained from vomiting that I couldn’t hold anything down. After having one session of IV Hydration I felt a million times better. I was no longer nauseous and was able to eat again.

Peter | Treatments: 6 Months

Hair Regenerative Treatment

As I have grown older I could see my hair gradually thinning and in some places falling out. As my hair loss progressed I was very self-conscious, trying to hide it by combing it over or wearing a hat. Dr. Jin's treatment has been life-changing, as my hair has noticeably thickened with new hair filling in where I didn't have any before. As my hair continues to grow back so has my confidence. Thank you, Dr. Jin

Ju | 1 Treatment | Wrist Pain

Joint Regenerative Treatment

Dr. Jin's treatment for my wrist pain has been nothing short of a miracle. I was initially a little skeptical but at that point had nothing to lose. After hearing about all the professional athletes getting it I decided to give it a try. One treatment was able to do what many months of wearing a brace, applying creams, and acupuncture were not able to. Today, I have regained mobility and most importantly am pain-free.

Mario | Treatments: 3 Months

Hair Regenerative Treatment

I came to RJ Clinical with my wife concerning her knees; her knees are bad…after further conversation I found that Dr. Jin could also help with hair loss. I decided to try the treatment, and after six weeks I noticed a change. I was so excited that I started looking forward to the other treatments. Now, every day I wake up I look forward to my hair results. Now I have to start combing my hair again. I started putting pomade to keep it down. My wife says, “I am still ugly but at least you have hair…

James | Treatments: 6 Months

Hair Regenerative Treatment

To lose hair and/or have it thin can be part of the aging process in any individual, but to have your head of hair do this prematurely while you are in your mid-thirties can be quite depressing, worrying, and can take a toll on your social well-being.
This is exactly what happened to me. At first, my hair began to thin but paid no attention to it as I did not think it was a big deal and was a normal aspect of getting older. Seeing my family, friends and others around me told me that this was not the norm for everyone. As my hair continued to thin, I would compensate for this by taking pictures with family and friends using a certain profile to make it appear that my head of hair was as full as everyone else. I would avoid social interactions with others purposefully because of my own insecurities. This too began to affect my social life with my own wife. My conversations with her would include the topic of hair. Not that it was an issue with her, but I needed to discuss my own insecurity.
After several other treatments to curb the thinning hair and absolute hair loss, I was referred to Dr. Jin for a treatment that I had truly never heard of. A frank conversation with Dr. Jin and some research compelled me to try his treatment. I was skeptical about the treatment at first, but shortly after a few months, I saw immediate results and so did my wife. No longer are our conversations centered around my issues. Growing more hair will not make you do things better, but will help you focus on other things that may be more important to you.
I can attest to Dr. Jin's honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Dr. Jin was prompt to answer any questions and his service was exactly as he had described.

Johnathan | Treatments: 8 Months

Hair Regenerative Treatment

I still remember the first time someone said to me - "Hey, your hair looks thicker, what happened?!" I hadn't told this person about my sessions with Dr. Jin so I was very encouraged to hear that others were noticing the difference he was making in my hair. I've enjoyed the process of regrowth, knowing that the treatments are safe, natural, and effective. I'd recommend this to anyone!

Inez | Treatments: 6 Months | Active Zumba Enthusiast

Joint Regenerative Treatment

I suffered with my knee for some time now. I had arthroscopic knee surgery, cortisone shots, you name it... The shots provided relief for about six months, and then they started to stiffen up again. In speaking with friends, I was referred to Dr. Jin. After some research, I decided to schedule an appointment. To my surprise, I started feeling relief in about a month. Dr. Jin suggested that I start my Zumba classes again, and I am proud to say I have been attending classes for over six months now.  

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