Exfoliation At Its Best

Treat and Remove
Dead Skin Cells

Dermaplaning, one of Hollywoods’ long-time favorite, is a very effective form of exfoliation. Using a small scalpel, the top layer of your skin is gently scraped off, removing the built-up dead skin as well as unwanted vellus facial hair. This process ultimately reveals smoother, brighter skin to yield that flawless appearance everyone yearns for.
Non-Chemical exfoliation. Uncover softer, smoother skin with this painless procedure that has been used for centuries to exfoliate. Dead, dull skin is removed for a fresher appearance. Excellent for giving a radiant appearance to all skin types. Sensitive skin can see great results without chemicals, and other modalities will be greatly enhanced with the addition of this service.

The process:

1. Targets all skin types.
2. Requires a No. 3 scalpel handle and surgical blades.
3. Stratum Corneum layer is left extremely smooth and vellus hair is removed.